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March 19, 2015

How does improving the energy efficiency of North America's homes stack up against building new nuclear power plants? This infographic has the details.

May 31, 2014

We've finally finished our "From the Ground Up" project here at Chandler Building. This beautiful three bedroom house located in the heart of the Silicon Valley was built with comfort and quality in mind. Take a look at the newest addition to the...

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May 20, 2014

At Chandler Building we love all things green and who doesn’t love energy efficient money saving homes?

The first home on our list is this “masterpiece” we found locally. It is located in the heart of San Francisco, only 40 miles away from...

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December 5, 2013

If any of you have been following the Chandler Building Facebook page lately, you've probably seen photos from our newest project, if not you can check it out here.

Every week we've been updating our followers on the progress on our newest...

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September 3, 2013
On cold winter days, a ray of sun streaming into your house can be most welcome - a free source of heat. But what about in the summer, when those rays of sun and other, less-evident solar heat, seep into our already too-hot houses and become a... Read more
September 3, 2013

One of the biggest energy guzzlers in your home (besides, most likely, your thermal envelope, which lets expensive conditioned air escape through air leaks and poorly insulated walls) is the refrigerator. Upgrading it, believe it or not, can save...

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September 3, 2013
Winter's coming. It's already heating season. So how do you save money on heating costs? You've got to own your heat. Simple as that. You've paid for all that warm air already, so it doesn't make much sense to waste it now.

A simple enough premise...

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September 3, 2013
You may have heard about home energy audits before, but maybe you're not quite sure that you need one. After all, your home is relatively new. It's pretty comfortable most of the time, and your utility bills aren't that bad. Maybe you've switched... Read more
September 3, 2013
It speaks to the marketing savvy of window manufacturers and installers that, when faced with drafty rooms or high energy bills, most homeowners typically think that the best solution would be new replacement windows. While energy efficient... Read more



  • Nate G. Sunnyvale, CA

    "This house is perfect, it took our breath away. The bathrooms are stunning and the kitchen really caught our eye. The houses we've seen all have kitchens that look nice, but nothing so elegant and practical as what you've built here.

  • Fred M. Milpitas, CA

    "Chandler Building is one of the best general contractors in the business. Not only did they create the plans for my restaurant remodel, but they also helped me through the health department approval process. When they say full service, they really mean it!

  • Gary S. San Jose, CA

    "Good quality work, on time, and within budget. What more can you ask for?"

  • Scott E., Campbell CA

    "Chandler Building was professional, personable and on-time. The project management was on top of every detail and the workers were trustworthy and considerate. The quality of work, from the framing to the drywalling, from electrical and plumbing to the finishing trim and painting was top notch... Read More