December 8, 2015

Here’s a guide for better lighting.

Junction with many lights

What is light pollution?

Unlike other pollutions, light pollution isn’t as widely known. It is an inappropriate use of artificial light that can be harmful to our environment. The most serious consequences that light pollution causes are to wildlife and the environment. 


What’s the problem?

Light pollution has four major problems: glare, clutter, skyglow and light trespass.

The artificial light is overly bright, and causes improperly shielded and are inefficient. Most of the lights that continue to be on at night are not even necessary because they don’t target a specific area to light up.


The effects?

The over power of artificial light is now taking over. One of the biggest effects it has is on birds. There have been many times when birds are found dead next to big commercial buildings. The reason behind it is because birds use the stars and moon to navigate to their destination. The lights make it very difficult to migrate at night and millions of birds die each year.


How can you do to help?

Make sure you turn off lights whenever you’re not in use of them and encourage those around you to do the same. You can also make a dramatic change by making sure lighting fixtures have shields and GREEN friendly bulbs. Lastly, educate those around you!




Price, S. (2001). Light pollution. National Geographic World, 19-24.

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