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Selecting a Professional


It may be a difficult tedious task to choose the right contractor. Here are some helpful tips on selecting the one that best fits your needs according to The National Association of the Remodeling Industry


Select the right contractor. We encourage selecting a build and designing contractor. These contractors are there for the project from start to finish. This is helpful to the customers because they provide the quality design and construction services.


Select someone local. These companies can be guaranteed through references from past customers in the area. 


Make sure to check their licenses. You can contact your local or state licensing agency to make sure the contractor meets all requirements.


Check to see if they are certified. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry members is guarantee to be professional.


Ask to see copies of the contractor’s insurance to verify coverage’s. These coverage’s include property damage, personable liability insurance and workers compensation.


Look over the design plans. Make sure that you approve them before any work starts.


Keep in mind the design and functions of what you would like. This includes where you would want the electrical outlets, types of luxury items and storage spaces.


It is important to have a well-written contract. It should include contractors name, phone number, address and license number.


Financial terms should have total price and financial schedule dates on there.


A contract is essential because it includes important details like start and finish time, list of materials and design plans.


It is essential for the customer to fully understand the contact before signing it.


Never sign an incomplete contract and always keep a copy of it for your own record.



Lastly, proper planning in important in every step of the way. Professional design and build contractors will remodel your home from start to finish.


Here, at Chandler Building & Development, it is a high priority that jobs get done properly the first time.


Sources: http://www.nari.org/consumers/selecting-a-professional/


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