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Video: Home Performance with Energy Star.


Video: How SmartStrips Work

Smart Powerstrips help you save money by cutting off power to the gadgets you don't need.

Video Journal 6/23

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Video Journal on Crawl Spaces

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Video: How Hot Are Your Lights?

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As you struggle to keep your house cool through the summer, keep in mind that there are hidden heat sources within your home that make it that much more difficult (and expensive) to cool with your air conditioning system. One of the biggest culprits is lighting.

This short video from Energy Circle takes a look at the heat being released by various light sources, and may shine some light on how to keep your home more comfortable this year.

Foobot: Take Care of Your Air

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Foobot is a small tool that helps ensures better air quality for your home. Its advance technology helps balance your home’s temperature and humidity with tiny censors that detect CO, CO2, tVOC and PM2.5. 

 Foobot becomes aware of your behaviors and is able to determine pollution peaks before they happen because of its advance technology.  It will give you personal recommendations for a healthier behaviors. 

The coolest thing about Foobot is that it can keep track of all the data instantly on a smart phone.

Some of the many benefits include getting a better night sleep, fighting the spread of germs, and protect your kids from respiratory issues.

Video: What's Your Energy Pledge?

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This campaign from the U.S. Department of Energy encourages us all to take an "energy pledge," making a simple commitment to use less energy.

What's your energy pledge?

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Water Heaters.

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This handy infographic from the Department of Energy explains everything you need to know about home water heaters -- including solar water heaters, tankless water heaters, heat pump water heaters and more.

Read more from the Department of Energy.

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Infographic: Energy Saving Tips For Running an Eco-Friendly House

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