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Home Energy Upgrades

Home Energy Audits

After a comprehensive home energy assessment we provide recommendations for upgrades that can maximize energy efficiency and comfort while reducing energy costs. Each of these upgrades can make a difference in the efficiency of the home; they prevent air leakage throughout the home and provide for protection from bugs and mold, making the home a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your family. We do our best to provide you with high impact upgrades at a low cost.


Upgrades include

  • Weatherization: By weatherizing your home you can reduce cooling and heating expenses, minimize the environmental impact of your home, and maximize indoor air quality; making your home healthier and more comfortable throughout the year.

  • Insulation: By replacing old insulation with greener and more efficient materials your home will have a smaller impact on the environment and your wallet. We can replace existing insulation and install insulation where needed.

  • Furnace and HVAC Installation: When installing or replacing an HVAC system it is important to measure the home to ensure that the system is properly sized. These calculations, done by our energy professionals, ensure that a high efficiency system is put into place as part of a while home energy upgrade.

  • Ducting: The average ducting system in the United States leaks at an average of 30 percent, more times than not the focus is put on the furnace rather than the distribution system to solve the problem, when the problem often lies within leaky ducting systems. Sealing or replacment of ducts is often one of the best choices for home efficiency and here at Chandler Building our goal is always 6 percent or lower leakage from all upgraded duct systems.

  • Water Heater Replacement: After completing a home energy audit, the homeowner may choose a water heating system that will be most effective for the home. Choices include a high effeciency tank system or a tankless on demand system.

  • Window Replacement: Replacing windows can prevent leaks through old or improperly sealed winodws. Window replacement prevents heated or cooled air within the home from leaking outside, it also prevents outside air from leaking into the home; reducing the cost of cooling and heating.

  • Solar Panel Installation: Another upgrade option is the installation of solar panels, while this does not solve any leakage problems the home may be having, it does make the home more sustainable and cost efficient. We only suggest solar panel installation after the energy audit is completed, reducing the number of solar panels needed to bear the energy load of the home.

  • Other upgrade options include: Installation of sustainable flooring, roofing, and more.